Are we ever going to be free to just "Love"

Rod Ronald Rod Ronald
I have never, since I was a lil' kid, have understood why people think they can tell people who they can and can not love. I understand that there are laws and I stand behind the actual good ones that serve a purpose, but these people are starting to make me come apart at the seems. Same assholes who said all African Americans should remain slaves. All women should stay in the kitchen and never be allowed to vote. These white lil' shit stains who have run this country into the ground simply because they are afraid of the things they can not understand. I say if a law maker ever gets caught sending naked pics to a young man, they should automatically pass the bill that says same sex marriage is legal everywhere. I don't get this shit, I never have and never will. Who does it hurt? Why should these fuckers care? I don't get it. I know a few states have finally passed the law, but why not the whole US? It makes no damn sense to me? How in the hell could something so simple as love be debated for this long and turned into something it's not. I need to stop before I snap.
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Ghost Ghost
I understand and appreciate your rant!
To be honest, I think politicians get stuck on things like "gay rights" to mask more "important"* issues. If they can rant and rave back and forth over something like that, they don't have to spend time making decisions about things that should be debated. No, instead they argue about abortion, gay rights, football teams...

*Note: I don't mean gay rights isn't important, I mean it shouldn't even be an issue.
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