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MrsRobinson73 MrsRobinson73
Do you support the mission of to advocate for women's reproductive rights in the U.S.?
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bayosgirl bayosgirl
I found their website hard to navigate, so I didn't spend much time on it. What I gather is that they are a pro-abortion organization. As a victim of miscarriage I am very sensitive to the topic of abortion. I abhor the thought of it, to be honest. At the same time, logically I know it's better for a woman who finds the idea of bearing life a "burden", to abort than to give birth to a child she never wanted. It's sad but reality. I do think there should definitely be limits as to how far along a pregnancy can be aborted.

ETA: What women need most throughout the world including the U.S, are better opportunities for equality, not more abortion clinics. Access to birth control, and all the support they need for pregnancy and motherhood. I've read that many women choose abortion for economic reasons, and that's a crying shame. No one should feel pressured into such a decision for lack of help.
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