Has our government left us a paradox

markeagleone markeagleone
This post is somewhat connected to the one of condoms for young kids. How many of you out there think that it is wrong for our government to say you have to try to reason with kids without spanking,ect., only to turn around and say kids don't have the ability of higher reasoning. There isn't a fine line between abuse and discipline. They are on the opposite ends of the stick. I was wondering this due to a police report that a parent called the police due to a kid not wanting to go to grade school.
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ScottA ScottA
You're going to have idiot parents in almost any general situation.
Crash Crash
In the words of Tenacious D, the government totally sucks.
Xavier7 Xavier7
I'd rather have a dictatorship than this piece of crap government we have. It's sick, wrong, and totally against moral conduct. I hate it here and I want to wipe out the entire idiot human race (that only applies to idiots). BTW if I've offended you, I'm sorry. Not my intention.

Your views and insights are totally correct. Have you seen the new bill link, and bills on prostitution that make it okay (prostitutes are mostly trafficked and raped on a daily basis)? They make me wish I were a different species entirely because I cannot STAND my species.
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