June is LGBT pride month :)

Red Red
...at least it is in the states, by proclamation by the big man himself...


I am moving to the states this fall, and this is one small step that makes me feel much happier about that...
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Femme Mystique Femme Mystique
Wow, very cool! Thanks for sharing.
deceased deceased
We had a little parade on May 30th. It lasted almost an hour and a half. It was mostly hotel workers from the union marching, and religous groups with g/l/t people as members. I did march with my partner.
In our whole state we have no gay community center, 4 gay bars for men, no resources for women.
You woould think they would pass gay marriage in Hawaii just to keep tourism going in the state. Get married here, have a honeymoon, spend some money. Since the recession, thousands of people have lost jobbs, even Hawaiian Telcom filed for bankruptsy and Aloha Air exists no more.
Rockin' Rockin'
How did I miss this thread?!? (I also missed the announcement in general) This is awesome. I hope I can go to the local Pride parade this year. Went a couple years ago and it was great! *grin*
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