Marriage Equality in Washington state and New Jersey?

wrecklesswords wrecklesswords
Did I read my HRC e-mails correctly today in that Washington state is about to sign marriage equality into law? I also read something about New Jersey passing it today, too.

Hooray if what I read was true!
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Roz W Roz W
It passed the NJ legislature, and got vetoed by the Governor (because the Gov is a Republican who, the speculation is, wants to run for higher office). It's dumb, NJ should have it already.
PeachieClean PeachieClean
Yay Washington! We're finally doing *something* right. =] It says it'll take affect here in June! =3
SubmissiveFeminist SubmissiveFeminist
I've heard a few states actually getting on the ball with this. I'm so glad to hear it!
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