Were all elections this crazy?

Mwar Mwar
This is my first presidential election I can take part in. So maybe it's because I really didn't start paying attention until now, but It seems ALL these candidates are freaking crazy. And that you really don't vote FOR someone but against the one you fear most.

So is it me, or is this election really damn crazy? It feels like a circus!
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Ms. Spice Ms. Spice
I feel like it's only crazy on the Republican side. I feel like the only arguments taking place are how many women the candidates have had sex with, and how they feel about birth control. The Democrats and Independents have been able to keep it fairly civil.
Chilipepper Chilipepper
I've been following them since 1992 (age fifteen), and I can say this is a pretty crazy season compared to the others I've witnessed. (Asking Clinton if he preferred boxers or briefs seems kinda tame now.)

It used to get really crazy in the early years of presidential elections ... at one point, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams were accusing each other of eating babies and worrying the sheep.
corsetsaurus rex corsetsaurus rex
Dunno, at least from a historical standpoint is seems elections have always been crazy; hell, the one in which Andrew Jackson was elected was personally offensive enough to him, what with all the mud-slinging, to end him up in several duels, and the death of his wife is sometimes called a result of the stress and social ostracization from all the shit the other party talked about her.

Wife-killing levels of party animosity/craziness is roughly equivalent to this election from my view.
RavenWings RavenWings
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