Would you vote for a president..

spineyogurt spineyogurt
That was bad at sex?
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T&A1987 T&A1987
no, 90% of presidenting is sex based. The cold war wouldn't have ended if Reagan and Gorby hadn't been to bed together so many times and the economy did so well in the 90's because bill clinton slept with every business owner in the country. Unfortunately their demands are rising and to really improve the economy whomever is elected president will need to publicly fellate every CEO in the country to make them feel appreciated enough to start taking risks again.
bettle590 bettle590
sure. though idk how I would ever find that out.
Supervixen Supervixen
How would you know that without fucking them?
TheProfessors TheProfessors
If the candidate was bad in bed... it's likely to mean he's more focused on other things...political things. It would also mean that the candidates partner would be less likely to approach him/her for such activities... leaving the candidate more time to do president-y things
Rory Rory
Did you say vote for or sleep with?
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