What are your favorite movie sex scenes of the year? - from Em and Lo

Em & Lo Em & Lo
From where we were sitting, it seems like things were a little prudish out there this year in the movies. But maybe we just rented the wrong movies? Anyway, we did manage to pick our ten favorite sex scenes of the year, from the thwarted threeway in "Get Him to the Greek" to the accidental exhibitionism over a sandwich in "Going the Distance." It wasn't all humorous sex, either -- when Julianne Moore sleeps with high-end hooker Amanda Seyfried in "Chloe," the scene is simultaneously heartbreaking and erotic. Check out our list and let us know if we missed any good ones!
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Ahatmadeofshoes12 Ahatmadeofshoes12
I generally despise romantic comedies but I was pleasantly surprised by Friends with Benefits since they did a lot of self aware satire of typical romantic comedy troupes. I loved the sex scenes in that movies because they were real and hilarious and reminded me of some of my own past experiences.
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