Girls and Corpses 25th Anniversary

Gary Gary
Girls and Corpses Magazine is celebrating its 25th anniversary on April 17th in Hollywood, CA. Pornstars and fans are invited.

This magazine is pretty funny, we have a few centerfolds from it hanging up behind the counter in the porn store I work at on the weekends.
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LicentiouslyYours LicentiouslyYours
There's been a magazine called Girls and Corpses around for 25 years? How did I miss that?
Sammi Sammi
I actually think I've heard of this one somewhere before. Amazing that it's been around 25 years!

CILFs is certainly an interesting term Reminds me of that German movie Nekromantik.
NuMe NuMe
Ewwwww!!!! Just ewwwww!!!
Gary Gary
I've know about it for a long time, but I was surprised that it's been around for 25 years!
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