Hugh Heffner - Future of Playboy

Gary Gary
Last night of ABC Nightline Hugh Heffner (who recently turned 84) was talking about the future of Playboy. He is trying to buy back all the public shares in hopes of steering the company in a better direction. Apparently some other companies (including popular competitors) are trying to buy up these public shares as well. There is also a movie about Heffners life coming out which focuses on a lot of activism that he did earlier in his career. You can check out the article on Xbiz, or you can look up the newest Nightline on Hulu if you are interested in know more.
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Gary Gary
Here is the Nightline Link.
Avant-garde Avant-garde
Thanks Gary
NuMe NuMe
From what I read earlier this week. There are 2 different kinds of stocks, the ones that have controlling votes, and the public ones. Hefner has control of the voting stocks, but not the public ones. So whoever tries to buy up the public ones still will be under Hef's control. And also from what I read, the owners of Penthouse are the ones trying to buy them, which Hefner does not want. It's interesting to say the least.
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