Inside Amy Schumer: Making sex in the media fun(ny)!

bratcat bratcat
Today while home sick and bed ridden, i started watching Comedy Centrals, Inside Amy Schumer. Being a hilarious, sexual, female comedian Amy Schumers show highlights some of the funner aspects of sex, one skit of hers is about porn from the perspective of a women
Or a skit dedicated to bachelorette parties which premires Lelo's Gigi and Insignia Soraya.
She also does interviews during her show with soem amazing folks, such as Mr Manhattan (the porn star, not the giant blue man form the watchman comics), a modle and a dominatrex.

Amy does a grate job at introducing sex in a fun an entertaining thing, without shaming or degrading others choices in their sexual preferences, and i think does a good job at getting viewers to think about sex in new night as well as being able to have open light hearted conversations about sex and sexual experiences.

How many of you have seen this show? What you do think about it? Do you find it funny, or are you someone who doesn't care about it?
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js250 js250
I haven't seen this--but will look for the next time it is on!!
bratcat bratcat
Originally posted by js250
I haven't seen this--but will look for the next time it is on!!
It's on Tuseday nights! i really suggest for all to watch. it's a rather thought provoking show.
bratcat bratcat
Also heres the short clip that premiers some of EF's favorite vibes (although with some new amazing features)!
SecretKinksters SecretKinksters
Seen it and love it! She is awesome!!
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