San Francisco - would train people as SEXOLOGISTS and report Sex research!

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San Francisco - would train people as SEXOLOGISTS and report Sex research!

Dragon Dragon
A Sexologist - Someone who studies, or is an expert in, sex and sexuality.

Then I found that San Francisco is the place to learn about sex! There is the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality and they offer degrees and all! That's not actually forum worthy.

They do however publish a journal - Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality. Some of the articles there look interesting. The first one for example is "The Swinging Paradigm: An Evaluation of the Marital and Sexual Satisfaction of Swingers." These actually look like real scientific papers not just more personal essays and opinions.

I don't have time to browse this right now, but I thought some people might find it useful.
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Adriana Ravenlust Adriana Ravenlust
I have looked at that institute but I simply cannot fathom moving to CA just for school. There are a few schools which offer degrees in sexology, though.
Rhazya Rhazya
I didn't even know you could get a degree in something like that. I wish I had known, it would be much more interesting then my actual major. (Sociology.)
That site looks like it has some really neat articles on it. Thanks for posting the link.
Dusk Dusk
I looked into taking a certification course with them, but the very last date overlapped my undergrad graduation. ;___; I was so sad.
Errant Venture Errant Venture
Isn't Billy Connelly's wife a Sexologist?
Love Perpetua Love Perpetua
Very interesting!
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