To Shave or Not to Shave?

grimithen grimithen
I lazered my kitty cat, it grew back... I'm going for the needle next. suppose to guarantee results. as for the guy I could care less, if he is attractive on the outside, and my tid bits are attractive enough to keep em... then I could care less!

plus, I LOVEEEEEEEEE Silky underwear and fuzzy panties. if you hadn't ever tried it yet, it is a must!
GQdude GQdude
I hate pubic hair...on myself and others! Be gone! haha but i recognize that mine is a personal preference and respect others with a difference of opinion.
Liz2 Liz2
I tried designs and a landing strip but I usually screwed up so now, completely bald....luv it!
Eliza Eliza
I used to shave all the time, but I found it so irritating. My skin is very sensitive. Now, I shave completely once a week or every other week, which keeps it from getting too irritated and keeps the hair short. My boyfriend leaves himself natural, which doesn't bother me.

I've considered laser - I'm actually doing laser for my bikini line and thighs starting tomorrow! - but I've gotten used to having hair there and I want to wait to see how the laser works on my legs first before I make any other decisions.
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