When's the right time?

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When's the right time?

klyte klyte
What do you all think of the right time being to introduce your son/daughter into the sexual explosion that is occuring in the media? It's inescapeable without a doubt, but my partner's sister was visiting over the holidays and wouldn't let her son say, "Oh my god." She corrected him with *gosh, but then threw on a Lady Gaga song that had the same expression or something similar in it, and was just fine with him listening and dancing around to it. He loves those songs, so what's really the difference? Where that example has nothing to do with sex, I feel parents often create a double standard with children and sexuality. At one end, they're not okay with their child having sex or having anything to do with sex until a certain age, yet they still let their children be surrounded by mass media and idols that propose that sex is an okay thing to have in their videos and music. Sex is a little inescapeable these days, and not that I'm against it, but I personally think the stigma that children should be shielded from it just needs to go. Protection is key, not ignorance to the fact that it exists. Discuss.
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shcoo shcoo
I agree with you. I don't think children should be sheltered at all. There should be a lot of communication so that when they come into contact with the media you've described - no matter what age they are - they can ask the appropriate questions and have a healthy discussion.

Basically: if they're too young to understand it, then don't worry about them seeing/hearing it. If they're old enough to understand it, then let them see/hear it and talk about it with them. Don't limit them.
Chirple Chirple
Hundreds of years ago, it wasn't uncommon for poorer families to sleep in the same bed. Entire families - mom, dad, kids. In a way, people were just as exposed to sex back then, if not more so - because there was eye-witness experience.

People were generally less uptight about bodily functions in general, since you couldn't escape them. People routinely saw death as well (and I don't necessarily mean, bad, violent death), another natural thing we try to "shelter" kids from.

I don't think kids should be sheltered from sex, but I do think they need to be "guided" if they are getting exposure to a media that may be sending harmful messages (and to be clear, the fact that sex exists and feels nice is not a harmful message).
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