If you are not in a relationship, do you ever actually try go get into one before "couples" holidays like Valentines Day, just to not be "left out"

Bignuf Bignuf
How common is it to focus on "not being unattached" when events like Valentines Day" rolls around. One young lady in my department always seems to have found a "new serious guy" about a month before Valentines Day or Christmas. Within a few weeks of those holidays being gone, so is her guy.

I know she does not do it for gifts, as she is probably more financially well off then they are (she is a young, but very successful doctor), so it must be the companionship. She wants to have someone take her to dinner and send her cards...etc, on Valentines day or she would be totally bummed.

How about you?
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Pixel Pixel
Nope. I've never been that desperate or manipulative.
Mwar Mwar
I haven't. Not worth it if your heart's not in it.
Chilipepper Chilipepper
No. In point of fact, any relationship (besides my marriage) that I've been in when V-Day rolls around, the guy inevitably vanishes the week of it. It makes it clear to me that they're childish assholes who don't want to deal with what silliness the holiday is - they definitely take it more seriously than I do.
edeneve edeneve
nope - not cool. but I'll have a very special man in my life when Valentines gets here. YAAAY!!! maybe he'll be the ONE, or not. but I'm certainly going to be having fun in the meantime.
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