Advice for my dating situation

Hello everyone,

A few couples ago my girlfriend broke up with me after 2 yrs. I love her very much and devoted my life to her, but she decided she wants to be single for the time being. Well a couple weeks ago I met another girl and we've quickly started to like each other.

I still have a lot of feelings for my ex, but there don't seem to be any signs of getting back together right now. I would like to see how things go with this new girl, but would not want to hurt her if my ex decided to come back and I still had these feelings for her. I don't want to struggle with that kind of decision. I would like to just commit to one person and not flip flop. What is your advice in this situation?
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edeneve edeneve
figure out your commitment, make it, & stick w/ it.
Ryuson Ryuson
If you would get with your ex and break up with someone else for her if she changed your mind, don't get with the new girl. If you would be able to move on for real and tell your Ex that, I think you should move on.
doowop doowop
I agree. You really should take a little time out and think about how you feel. You may kick yourself in time if your ex comes back and you throw away the chance to be with the other girl. Think about whether it's worth saving the relationship with your ex at this point.
thank you all for the advice. Right now I am just trying to figure out how I feel.
Ansley Ansley
Keep it casual for now.
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