Do you guys think Long Distance Relationships work??

Gongsta Gongsta
So anyways, i am in a long distance relationship right now. its been about a little over a month right now. i am in the US and my girl is in south korea. The next possible chance for us to meet is around June of 2013. How many of you successfully had a long distance relationship?
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married with children married with children
they can work, as long as both of you are strong and can look forward to the future.
SMichelle SMichelle
I agree that they can work out, though they're very complex. I'm currently in a LDR, with my partner being in the UK, and me in the US. We're lucky because I get to travel to see him every 6 months. I can't say how successful we'll be in the future, it hasn't happened yet, but so far we're okay. Though... I just saw him for two weeks in June/July, and I have been itching to see him again since I returned home.

One thing I'll say is, immigration (even just on a tourist visa) can be a real bitch if you're visiting a partner. Saying you're just there for a holiday usually works for the first or second visit, but then immigration officials tend to get a bit suspicious. If you go to visit her, or if she comes to visit you -- either way -- just make sure that whoever is doing the traveling has documents (something verifying employment, a copy of your lease, etc...) on them to prove that they're returning to their home country after the trip. Having documents on me would've saved me 4 hours in secondary inspection on my very first trip to see my guy.
SavingMyself SavingMyself
I know they can work, because my marriage is evidence of that. My husband and I met almost 3 1/2 years ago on a small fetish website. We started talking and found out we were 1000 miles apart(although we were lucky enough to be in the same country, I was in Indiana, he was in Vermont). We both worked extremely hard to form a deep bond through telephone calls, texts, IMs, emails, and webcam. We were in almost constant contact for 9 months before he came to visit me the first time. Even though I had no doubts, if I had, the way I felt when I was in his arms for the first time told me that he was the one. During the 4th visit(8 months after the first), we went on a trip to Disney World where he proposed to me. During the 6th visit(a month and a half after we got engaged) we packed up my stuff, got married, and I moved out east to be with him.
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