Do you like it when people you've only just met hit on you?

butts butts
I have to admit, getting hit on is an ego boost for me, and my partner Even though we are monogamous and committed, we enjoy getting hit on and flirted with, it makes us feel attractive, it's sort of mean actually... it's fun to tease people XD I love seeing my partner get hit on and flirted with, I'm not a jealous person and I am very trusting of him, when I see people flirt or hit on him it makes ME feel good because they want something that I have! My partner is extremely gorgeous, he gets a lot of attention, I love showing him off too, I've got bragging rights I'm extremely self conscious as I'm transsexual, so getting hit on (especially when I pass well) makes me feel great. People hitting on me who look at me as a girl... that's different. That's enraging and humiliating. Anyways. Like most people, I don't enjoy blunt sexual comments right off the bat, that's different than flirting. That's just a lack of social skills, don't be gross.
nova2014 nova2014
Part of me likes it part of me hates it. The part of me that likes it is like, thanks for the compliment, I needed that today. The part of me that hates it is like, who the hell are you......mind your own business
MissCandyland MissCandyland
I don't mind a simple, respectful compliment.
Claire-Bear Claire-Bear
I don't mind as long as it doesn't fall into the harassment category.
LoooveMonkey LoooveMonkey
Originally posted by MissCandyland
I don't mind a simple, respectful compliment.
Well I agree with that. I like being complimented. And even if someone sounded like they were hitting on me with their compliments, as long as I kneeew they weren't trying to get anywhere, I'd be totally cool with that.
Khanner Khanner
I hate being flirted with. Fuck off until you can prove to me you're an interesting person.
Andrey2052 Andrey2052
I love flirting and being flirted with, taken or not.
hall5885 hall5885
I don't mind flirting with someone I just met but if they want anything more then that they better be willing to get to know me more.
brevado brevado
I'm not really like that
jr2012 jr2012
I am taken...but I admit I almost always love it. I don't have the best self esteem when it comes to my looks, so I love the ego boost!
SourAppleMartini SourAppleMartini
I am not that popular with male sex, so it does boost my confidence a little.
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