Ever had to Choose Between 2 biggest loves?

hspence hspence
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I'm currently having to choose between 2 biggest loves of my life. One is my husband who long story short is a "bad boy" ya know but is very charming and we have this animalistic lust and passion and deep connection. But he's bad for me. The other one I was engaged to for 4 years and he is a very sweet, good guy. Good in bed, but not on fire like with the hubby. But he'd be a good stable man for me and I love him dearly. Any advice? It's so hard to give up that crazy passion, but I know the right choice is the good guy. SIgh.
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Elnoa Elnoa
Why do you have to choose? Keep both.
hspence hspence
haha yeah no it's gotten way too hard and confusing lol damn but i wish i could. or like combine them both...
thisisadeletedaccount thisisadeletedaccount
Originally posted by Elnoa
Why do you have to choose? Keep both.
I agree - that's what I did and it's been pretty awesome. I know that's not an option for everyone, though.
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