Follow up Question for Online Relationship Poll

Ansley Ansley
So, this is just me being totally curious about some things and it was sparked by this post How many of you met your SO online?
Answers (private voting - your screen name will NOT appear in the results):
I am currently with someone I met online and...
We live together and are married.
We live together but are not married.
We live in separate states or countries.
We live in the same state, but separate cities.
For those who are in an LTR that is also long-distance, do you...
Plan to move in together within the next six months.
Plan to move in together within the next year.
Plan to move in together but the time frame is still unknown.
If you are LDR and LTR, how many times have you physically seen them in person?
Once or twice
Two to three times
Four to five times
More than five times
Finally, how long have you been together?
Less than six months. (don't live together/aren't married)
Less than a year. (don't live together/aren't married)
More than a year. (don't live together/aren't married)
Less than six months. (live together/married)
Less than a year. (live together/married)
More than a year. (live together/married)
Total votes: 11 (4 voters)
Poll is closed
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Kitka Kitka
I'm still with the man I met online and we've been married for ten years (living together).
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