Go on dates often with your partner?

JessieDawg JessieDawg
We don't go out very often ourselves, mostly cook at home!
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unfulfilled unfulfilled
We have 2 small kids so that requires getting their grandparents to babysit. We go maybe 1-3 times year and that's for birthdays/anniversary. Usually its just to eat and have a conversation without the kids. Sometimes we end up taking the kids along.
SaiDiscordia SaiDiscordia
We are in the same boat as most, two kids, we work opposite schedules, plus there are always those hidden expenses that come with raising kids. We get out maybe 1-2 times a year. Never really for special occasions. It is usually that moment when we are comparing schedules and realize, "Wait! I am off and you are off, my parents are in town, and all of the bills are paid, YAY! Date night!" Not sure where everyone is from, but the last date we had we went to a fondue place that was very romantic. We had a dark booth in a corner all to ourselves and he told me about the traditions that follow fondue like if a woman drops her food in it she has to kiss the man and things like that. I have to look them up now, but that made for great foreplay and a very fun evening.
Ansley Ansley
Every night. It doesn't take leaving the house to create a date night atmosphere.
Kissy Kissy
About 2x a month. Date night tonight!
We didn't go on as many before but now that work has been making me travel a lot I have been going out of my way to have dates with her whenever I'm home and it seems to be helping.
SavingMyself SavingMyself
We have "date night" every once in awhile, in fact we just had one tonight.
nova2014 nova2014
We go out every once in a while, maybe 1x, 2x a month depending? We only see each other every other weekends so..
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