Going steady or something like it?

charletnarouh charletnarouh
At what point in dating someone do you switch from "dating" to... what comes next? Going steady (what do we call it these days anyway???)? In a 'relationship'? Changing your relationship status on Facebook? LOL! At what point do you call someone your "girlfriend" or "boyfriend"? Do you have a discussion about it? How do you define it? When introducing someone you haven't taken this step with to friends or other people, what do you call them when 'friend' is too casual but you're not calling each other boyfriend/girlfriend yet? Ever had that awkward moment where someone calls the person you're dating your 'boyfriend/girlfriend' when you haven't had that discussion with them yet? Ever had someone you're dating refer to you as their "boyfriend/girlfriend" when you didn't know you were?
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catsin catsin
I've very rarely had something like this happen to me, but when I did I simply introduced them by their name, without any additional info. Or with a characterized title such as "partner in crime" and that way it's loose enough to be friendly while still hinting that there's an undertone of intimacy.

After introducing as such, I make certain to check the person for signs of distress in their behavior and eyes. If I feel that there is some concern, I make certain to initiate physical contact with a deliberate lean into, indicating that I'm not trying to distance myself from them or leave myself open to anybody else.

I've found that this approach works comfortably, avoiding any awkward notions (at least between me and the mate--the person I'm introducing to might be a bit confused, but that's typically the lesser of my concerns). It might not work as well for very touchy people, but those who know me are aware that touch is a boundary I'm not too fond of having people cross, so the lean into thing is a pretty clear expression of my connection with a person.
unfulfilled unfulfilled
I haven't dated in such a long time (I've been married for 8 years) that I wouldn't know how to approach this.
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