have you ever cheated?

TumorCrunch TumorCrunch
if so, were you forgiven? how long did it take?
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Eliza Eliza
You might not get many posts on this because a lot of people won't want to admit to cheating where they can't choose to be anonymous.

With that said, I'll be brave and admit that I cheated. I am not going to go into all the messy details of the situation, but I was forgiven. The issue is that there's a difference between being forgiven and regaining that person's trust.
AngelicaU AngelicaU
I did. Once. First and last time. I don't think forgiven is the right word but he will talk to me if he has to. I know we'll never be actual friends again though but oh well I guess. I love my boyfriend and I'd never cheat on him so I'm good with the way things turned out. I learned what it does to a person and I don't want to make anyone feel that way again. I'm so glad my boyfriend trusts me after knowing I've cheated too.
NaughtyButterfly NaughtyButterfly
never, but I was cheated on & I never spoke to him again.
MrRainybowbow MrRainybowbow
More so i was guilted into it and i was forgiven after telling the guy i was with and never let my other ex get to me again.
Spring Spring
I have never cheated. I have often thought about if my partner cheated on me, how would I handle it? I think it depends on each relationship and what factors played a part. It is definitely a touchy subject.
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