how long before the luster is gone?

jmex83 jmex83
have you (at some point) realized a pattern with your dating? when i was dating (before i met my wife) it always reached 4-6 months before I realized "ok this isn't going anywhere". It was never a year or two....or a few weeks. But about four to six months everything just kind of went sour and I didn't really feel like there was much left to the relationship. anyone else find a pattern in their dating cycles?
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nova2014 nova2014
I've been in my current relationship almost 3 years and there have been periods where it feels like its gone but it comes back. I'm actually in that spot right now, I think it's just a lack of romance and feeling too comfortable?
closed account closed account
i think 4-6 months it ending is more of that being long enuff to know it's not working. not a matter of lacking luster or spark. if it's a good fit , the spark will never go away as long as both people work at it.
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