how long did you wait?

Modern^Spank^Anthem Modern^Spank^Anthem
how long did you wait to have sex with your current partner? Do you have a specified time period requirement
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BobbiJay BobbiJay
I am single right now but my last partner and I waited about a week.
Ghost Ghost
I don't have a requirement. I've waited hours, days, weeks and months. With my current partner, I think we made out on the second or third date, but he was a virgin and we did not have sex until he was ready (a few months into the relationship).
Jul!a Jul!a
We jumped in after only a few weeks, but we'd known each other for ages before that.
(k)InkyIvy (k)InkyIvy
I'd planned on waiting at least a few weeks. I'd had several partners who I finally gave in and slept with, only for them to lose interest because they'd gotten what they'd wanted.
Of course, I didn't count on connecting/clicking so powerfully that we drove each other wild. Even HE wanted to wait, because he was technically a virgin. But we ended up having sex (just over) a week into our relationship. Before we started dating, we'd known each other for 6 years, so I don't feel too bad about it.
Ahatmadeofshoes12 Ahatmadeofshoes12
Its changed throughout my life and it depends on my partner too. I've waited as much as several months and as little as a few hours before. I'm choosy with my partners though and despite having sex early on in some cases those dates still led to enjoyable relationships. Even if it is only a few hours when I've chosen to have sex with someone I always wait until I've established a strong intellectual connection and we have a deep intellectual attraction for each other. Any guy who would write me or any woman off for having sex in the beginning of a relationship is not the kind of guy I want to be with anyway.
Tuesday Tuesday
Dinner and a couple of drinks. However... I'd known him for a few weeks before that first date.

I don't have a required length of time to wait. Historically I haven't waited long, but then it's been a million years since I've dated.
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