If you have kids-and youre dating......

jmex83 jmex83
how long before you let your partner meet the kids?

my wife and i were dating for about two months before I met her children. they were 5 and 7 yrs old when i met them and we got along great. she and i had known each other for a while before we started dating, so when things got serious, after only a couple of months, we decided that it was time to take that step. she was so nervous about doing that since the kids had never met any of her other boyfriends since her and their father divorced. so it was one of those things that i felt very special to be apart of.

what are your thoughts on this?
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ladychristie ladychristie
I have older and opinionated children so I let my children meet J right after the first date, I figured I wasn't going to start liking him if they didn't like him.
Peggi Peggi
My friend lets them meet hers right away, but that's because she takes her daughter everywhere with her, because shes only 4
melissa1973 melissa1973
I've been with my boy friend for 2 years now and I haven't met his kids. However he has met mine maybe 3-4 months after we started. Because she was out of school when he started comming by the house.
unfulfilled unfulfilled
I'm not divorced, but if I was and were dating, I'd want them to meet my kids pretty early on because I'd want to see how they interact with kids. You have to have patience with small kids or you have no place in my life because my boys are my life.
lustylusty lustylusty
I figure that it depend on there age, your kids are at the age of concern I guess.
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