Looking for some ideas to spice up our sex

CrimsonPandora CrimsonPandora
Me and my boyfriend have been together for almost 2 years and we both enjoy the sex we have together. We already have explored anal and pegging and participate in those activities regularly.
Knowing that we are going to be together for a long time, I don't want our sex to become stale. I was just looking for ideas to add to our already spicy activities. New positions, new ways of doing things, any suggestions?
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CinnamonNights CinnamonNights
1.You could look up new positions( some recommend the karma sutra, or you could google, anything you can find that wont break your back)
2.Role playing (costumes, pretend "Voyeur", ect)
3.Maybe occasionally have phone/instant messenger sex.
4.You could try new toys (textured/smooth, glass, vibrating, G/P-spot ect)
5.You could try doing the do in different places other than the bedroom (pool, table, car, bathroom/shower, closet ect wherever you're comfortable and less likely to be arrested).
6.Not actually have sex but masturbate in front of each other (or you could both just masturbate each other)
7.Sometimes people take up things like pole dancing and such to entice their partner.
8.There's 3-somes, more-somes, swingers-- though you have to be really trusting and comfortable for that
9.Some people like body paint, or covering themselves in pleasant edible stuff (chocolate strawberries whip cream ect)
10.There's always the standard vanilla romance of rose petal trails and candles and a warm bath or cozy bedroom
11.Sex swings, BDSM/Bondage, or the less intense version maybe just some blindfolds and tying each other up
12.Try out temperature play or sensory deprivation
13.Teasing or "edging" (kinda teasing the other person almost to orgasm then stopping, rinse repeat) or tickle each other ect
14.Extended foreplay? explore your partner alllllll over perhaps? dunno

Those are just some things I can think of, but hopefully it helps or at least helps you brainstorm. It's okay to be maybe a little scared to try something new, but be sure to make sure you're both reasonably comfortable with whatever you do. Though really I think your love for one another should keep things pretty spicy. Good luck to the happy couple <3 <3
HannahPanda HannahPanda
Try new toys! Or buy a sex-themed book and try some things in it. Find things he's always been into and never tried, or things you're into and want to try! Possibilities are endless with an open mind.
edeneve edeneve
get some sex games & a book of positions. I found an online site that animates 101 positions. I know, that many positions - amazing!
Adnerbmw Adnerbmw
My husband and i have been together for 12 years and i know what your talking about. we do things to change it up now and then. one of my favorites is simple but fun. one person lays on the bed and used caramel or chocolate sauce and puts an agreed upon number of spot on themselves and blind folds the other person and they have to find the spots with their mouth. its a fun way to explore your partners body, and your own. finding spots that would not normally be explored that way. You have to take turns and make sure to make it through both partners spots before you have sex, its a huge build up and exciting. Naked hide and seek in the dark. Its an adrenaline rush being the hider and being the seeker. not knowing when you will get caught or if the other person will jump out. gotta catch the person to get some .
matbug matbug
Are either of you interested in trying some BDSM type stuff? That would certainly not be dull! Haha
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