Not really shy...but wild.

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Not really shy...but wild.

Bignuf Bignuf
Years ago, I got set up on a date with a really "shy" girl. Cute, but not my type. I went out with her, figuring I was being a loyal friend to the cousin who set me up (he was dating her sister and needed a double). She ended up being a real "tiger" in bed...having taken ME to her place and having decided I was going to be her "one night stand" conquest!!! Sure shocked and educated me that night.

Anyone else ever find someone who was a "wolf in sheep's clothing"? Please share your experience!
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Wild Orchid Wild Orchid
Considering how I behave in public and how I behave in bed (so far only by myself or in front of the camera) I think I might be that surprise for someone in the future.
M121212 M121212
I think that I could potentially be that person for somebody.

I'm shy, but once you get me going...
Dear Ruby Dear Ruby
I'm definitely that person. I actually come off as a little bit of a prude in person - I'm just an awkward science geek, and so I've learned to cover it up with apparent disinterest. But behind closed doors, it's a very very different story.
Antipova Antipova
Almost everyone I've ever been with has, at some point or another, said that they were floored by the difference between me in public and me when only my lover's there. I look extremely conservative, sweet, and most people say innocent (ha!). My shirts are always buttoned all the way up and apparently I give off an air of being one of those quiet religious girls. I don't really know how to dress differently, though, I have to be taken seriously at work, and I like my clothes durable enough to bike in.

This is mitigated a bit if people meet me and my friends at the same time, or if they actually talk to me, of course.
FaerieLove FaerieLove
Ive had the 'wolf in sheep clothing' experience. It's very interesting but I hear it's really not uncommon at all.
K101 K101
I dont think so. Actually Id say Ive been more on the wild side than any of my partners lol. Thats not to say they werent all for it, but its mostly me with the ideas and wildness. Lol
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