OOOOPPPPSSS!!! Ever hit the SEND key on a text and realized you sent it to the WRONG "girlfriend or boyfriend"?

Bignuf Bignuf
A teen son of our good friends was dating two girls...neither one aware of the other. After about two months he decided he liked "girl A" a lot more then "girl B". He decided to break up with "girl B" and do the mature thing and start a single girl, more serious relationship with girl A. He wrote a big, bare his soul email, explaining he had been a bit of a dog, dating two woman, but had found one he "really liked" and it was NOT her...etc, etc. Then he hit SEND, only to realize he had sent his note to GIRL A!!!!! He is now mortified and without the girl he wanted.

Anyone else ever really screw up and hit SEND...only to the "wrong recipient"????
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Yes, has big deal.
Yes, has happened and WAS a big deal
I'm more careful then that.
I don't send personal messages like that via text, so never a problem.
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GravyCakes GravyCakes
i've done it quite a few times
MJ1337 MJ1337
Don't date multiple people, and do it in person if you're gonna dump someone!
Pinkhare Pinkhare
I fear doing this too much! So I'm a bit neurotic about making sure I send to the right person .
P'Gell P'Gell
I don't send personal intimate messages like this. I TALK to people.

Also, when I was dating more than one person, I made sure all people knew I was not in a monogamous relationship with them. I had an Open Relationship and I made it clear to all I dated.

This is what happens when one isn't honest and when one overuses technology for things that SHOULD be done in person.

No one deserves to be broken up with with a text, email or other IMPERSONAL message. It's cowardly.

He will now have to face the music. Maybe it will teach him to be more honest in the future.
El-Jaro El-Jaro
Never happened to me, but I love hearing about others doing it.

The worst I've ever done is called a girlfriend by the wrong name (I dated a LOT of "M" girls).
Ansley Ansley
I have been on the receiving end of errant text messages meant for another person said person was involved with at the time; they weren't sexual in nature. I don't text a lot of people and I've never sent sexy messages to anyone other than my husband.
sarki sarki
No I have never sent such a personal message
Sinfully Sinfully
Yes, drunk texting. I advise against it, but when you're drunk bad things happen... or at least they do to me
emiliaa emiliaa
If I am dating multiple people, they KNOW about each other.

And either way, I'm very careful about keeping my text messages straight.

So if it ever happened it wouldn't matter.
Owl Identified Owl Identified
Yup yup, but never a big deal! More like accidentally send a booty call type message to the wrong booty call.
Ms. Spice Ms. Spice
mature people can be involved in multiple relationships; it's called polyamory. though i think it's kind of stupid that he was dishonest and deceitful. anyway, when i have an serious issue, we're going to talk about it in person, not email etc.
Stagger13 Stagger13
Originally posted by Bignuf
A teen son of our good friends was dating two girls...neither one aware of the other. After about two months he decided he liked "girl A" a lot more then "girl B". He decided to break up with "girl B" and do the mature ...
Has not happened yet...
tortilla tortilla
never have and hope I never do
Bethy Cassatt Bethy Cassatt
I've always worried about that, but the only time it did happen, no bigs. I sent a text I meant for my boyfriend to an old ex. He laughed it off. All good.
mistressg mistressg
I don't date multiple people at once.
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