Possessive Partners

MaiNai MaiNai
My first (and only) boyfriend, with whom I was with for seven months, became more and more possessive and controlling as our relationship went on. He began getting angry when I would be busy with school work or was having a girl's night with some friends, and would demand to spend more and more time with me. He began to grab and pull me around, and I ended up breaking it off when he picked a fight with me via text message for not answer his texts immediately (I was in Glass-Blowing studio for 8 hours, and was not able to have my phone on me due to the high temperatures I was working with (2000F+).
He had started getting more and more controlling, and would tell me to deal with it when he had upset me..

Has anyone else had experience with possessive boyfriends or girlfriends?
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js250 js250
Yes, I have. It sucks when they try to take over your life and get mad a t you for not letting them. Good response, it would have gotten worse over time.
Ahatmadeofshoes12 Ahatmadeofshoes12
I have not and I never could. I am my own person and I expect my partner to be his own person as well. I cannot deal with possessive partners who think they can control my life, that is not their place.
thisisadeletedaccount thisisadeletedaccount
Yeah, in high school. He got moody and jealous when I talked about personal stuff and emotions with other people, controlled and limited what I wore, and generally didn't want me to reveal myself to anyone else, physically or emotionally. I put up with that for way longer than I should have. I didn't really realize everything that had happened until the relationship was over.
Iron Man Iron Man
Yeah, but I didn't really let him do it. He got his knickers in a twist because of it but I told him he'd have to deal with it.
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