Toys & LDRs

eri86 eri86
What role do toys play in your LDR, if any?

Are they apart of your web or phone play?

Does you LDR partner know you use toys when you play?
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SMichelle SMichelle
My partner (male) does not use or own any sex toys for himself. I, on the other hand, have a very large collection of toys. My partner knows that I have a large stash, but he doesn't know exactly how many (yet). He's seen me use many of the toys, and he's even gotten to use some on me when we visit each other.
foxinlace foxinlace
My partner does not own any toys himself, but he likes being able to request or choose certain toys when we play. I have a higher drive than he does and am nearing in on a dozen in my collection, so I think I appear a little wild to him sometimes. He is always surprised when I have a new toy to play with.
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