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Bb93 Bb93
Originally posted by starwars1234567889
how would you incorporate this into sex with a guy.
I have my bf take control of it. He loves watching me get off, and then he's even more ready to go for round two
MadTown MadTown
I would have no problem using that on my girl, would love watching as I use this on her,
tinyauthor tinyauthor
Also works or foreplay with him if you turn on just the ears to vibrate on his parts.
Catie Catie
Originally posted by starwars1234567889
i mean if she was playing with it what could a guy really do?
I used it once with my man... At first he watched me use it, and then he took over the thrusting for a little while... Then we kept using the clitoral stimulator as he was in me... The vibration sensation through my pussy he got drove him wild. We came at the same time!

Just remember, not every girl likes anal... So, talk to your partner as to how best use it.

Also, you could always use the clitoral stimulation part on a guy's perineum very gently whilst she blows you... I'm sure it can get very orgasmic effects... I haven't had the chance to try it yet.
kaylajoy89 kaylajoy89
My partner likes to use it on me
raffi raffi
Originally posted by hive83
How about just sit back and
Herzer Herzer
Originally posted by Miss Madeline
Fuck her ass. That is one of my favourite ways to use this toy. I use it on my pussy while he fucks my ass.
Well said! You summed up three sentences from me in three words.
MrWood MrWood
My former gf had one of these and loved it when I would use it on her. She would start out by herself and I would just take over. It would get her really turned on and then we would just f..k like crazy, lol.
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