With friends like these, etc.

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With friends like these, etc.

Chilipepper Chilipepper
I guess since I've been hanging out at EF with people from all different types of relationships and such, I've discovered that I'm shocked when I get into discussions about relationships with "normal" people.

Currently, a friend of mine is having a crisis of faith in women, as just about every one he's dated for the past ten years have either cheated on or lied (in a big way) to him. Other friends of his are telling him that cheating's normal and he should totally accept it and just "get fuck buddies to use them when you need 'em because monogamy is a farce".

I know this guy. He's willing to accept an open relationship (provided the partner is mature enough for it) but he's more into the trust and honesty than anything else, and prefers to have monogamy. With all these "friends" telling him that wanting such a thing is wrong and he's stupid for wanting it, I've become even more appalled by normal people outside of EF.

So, EF, thanks for respecting each others' choices and not ridiculing others' lifestyles because they're not practicing yours.
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HB042 HB042
HELLYES!! Interaction here makes all shock and judginess seem so... distasteful. Pointless. So yeah! High five! And bring your friend to the boards, too
Rossie Rossie
Thank goodness I don't have friends like his!
- Kira - - Kira -
Woah, great set of friends there. Pretty soon he's gonna end up having a crisis of faith in humanity if he doesn't find some new ones.
Bodhi Bodhi
Sounds like this guy just attracts really bad people.
nova2014 nova2014
Wow, those are really jaded friends..is that the right term? But they're definitely not romantics..
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