I know some couples watch each other masturbate....however. ...do you ever do it just to watch and it not lead to sex with each other?

Bignuf Bignuf
In some cases do you just both masturbate, or does one partner just watch and when it's over it's over? Does it always lead to sex and that was just "foreplay" and a visual warm up?
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naturegirl naturegirl
Sometimes we just like to masturbate to a climax with each other without it leading to intercourse. We did just that last night!!
jake53 jake53
My wife loves when I masturbate for her, it doesn't lead to any sex. But she has never done it for me, yet.
js250 js250
We love masturbating to together in long marathon sessions!!! These do not end up with sex...we save that for our other sessions.
SecretKinksters SecretKinksters
Always ends up with sex, once we both cum we preform oral on each other and move to having sex.
konicaguy konicaguy
We masturbate for each other and for the most part we are done and it doesn't lead to more sex.
Husband and Wife Husband and Wife
I masturbate in front of my wife a lot and it doesn't lead to sex... And the same when she does it in front of me...although when she does it my job after word is to lick clean her toys.
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