Stripteases/Lapdances/ Erotic dancing

LavenderSkies LavenderSkies
I want to preform a little "show" for my partner but I have no idea where to start. I think I'm going to go with a black bustier with hose, but I don't know if props would be a good idea or not.
Have you ever given your partner a show, and what did you come up with? Please explain what you wore, what kind of music chosen, and any props if any!
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linnlinn linnlinn
I like to belly dance and I have a simple coin bra and belt. So one I did a little dance with some middle eastern music, nothing too fancy. I get really nervous performing even if its for a small group of just my lover so I had a little drink first for nerves. They really loved it, and it was fun.

Then on a separate occasion I good a lap dance class with a friend at our friendly local pole studio and they taught us a little routine. It was much more up close and personal and took all the nerves out of the equation for me. It was very easy as far as music and pros go, just what ever has a good beat and what ever you had on made a sufficient prop. After I had this approach of less is more, I had a much better time and he did too. The less set up, costumes and props I think the harder it is to be in the moment. Your mind is preoccupied with what's happening with your props instead.
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