What's a Good Valentine's Gift for a Guy?

Em & Lo Em & Lo
We asked the "wise guys" over at EMandLO.com the same question: some of their suggestions included tickets to a metal gig, a night in a sports bar, or a screening of the Die Hard quadrilogy. What do you recommend?

Em & Lo
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SparklyGlitter SparklyGlitter
This year my boyfriend is being very materialistic, new hats, new shoes, ext.

Of course he is going to end up getting one of them but his real gift is going to be time with me. well spend the day on a scavenger hunt to find the present. The time together is what im looking foward to the most.
PDXlady PDXlady
I got my partner some cards for a game he plays. He's not usually a fan of mushy lovey dovey presents.
nova2014 nova2014
I got my guy silk pj pants since he loves being in pjs all the time and since he loves smooth textured cloth, I'm also getting him these shoes he really likes but lost recently as well as a personalized beer mug since he recently turned 21. Functionality is the only way he'll keep my presents
Food and condoms.
Hummingbird Hummingbird
I got my guy a couple of gifts from flowers.com: The 31 Days of Love Notes gift jar and 1/2 dozen Gormet Chocolate Covered Strawberries.
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