How do you check in?

charletnarouh charletnarouh
How do you check-in on your relationship? Do you and your partner discuss the status and success of your relationship on a regular basis? Or do you wait for problems to arise and deal with them?
If you have a system or method of checking in, what is it, how does it work for you, does it seem to alleviate or prevent big fights and problems and how did you come up with your system?
If you don't have a check-in system or method, what do you do instead? Could you see the merit in such a system?
my Mistress and i have at least two discussions a month to check in on how Wwe both feel about things, anything that might not be working, if anything needs to change, if there are any problems or concerns or anything bothering either of Uus, as well as what Wwe're happy or pleased with and what is working well. It's a time when both of Uus can speak totally freely and expect the understanding and undivided attention of the other.
Wwe do this as part of our D/s relationship but i've become pretty convinced that it makes sense no matter what your relationship dynamic is. Thoughts?
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js250 js250
That sounds like a great idea and I can see that working in a relationship. Starting that so far into a relationship would be a bit to work out...

We have a less effective method of dealing with issues when there is a problem.....
geliebt geliebt
My partner and I have a solid policy that if anything is wrong, we bring it up as soon as possible and discuss it. So far, no problems have arisen as we're both very laid back, but that makes it easier on us- we both know that unless something is brought up, we're all cool It works for us, that's for sure!
Claire-Bear Claire-Bear
We check in almost every day before going to sleep. It's nice.
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