Date night activities?

bayosgirl bayosgirl
What's your favorite thing to do on a date night? Besides have sex.
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Go see a movie
Stagger13 , plaidvulva , Deeder , meitman , jr2012
5  (7%)
Have dinner at a restaurant
MissCandyland , JG24FanUK , Hallmar82 , anonkitty , puppylove , sexystuffeve , CollegeFun2014 , RedGoddess , jennifur77 , sexxxkitten , mpfm , Femme Mystique , unfulfilled , Incendiaire , Airen Wolf , Bignuf , charleswifey , Rory , tortilla , rockblenny , pleasurehunter , Andrey2052 , BiteOnThis , hhh , Missmarc , CaliGirl , Rainbows , kkybf
28  (41%)
Stay home and chill
Howells , Entropy , Raigne , underHim , Ansley , Terri69 , BlooJay , humblepie , cburger , robertk2380 , AliMc , SouthernBelle , lovebites , hem , nova2014
15  (22%)
Go to a concert
blacklodge , Gracie , SadeGrey , pyratess
4  (6%)
Visit a museum
Badass , vegweg
2  (3%)
Sports event
BrittaniMaree , Squirtz Starz
2  (3%)
ejrbrndps , joja , Annemarie , gsfanatic , VelvetDragon , married with children , pixxie87 , (k)InkyIvy , indiglo , Mwar , indiechick , HarlequinBunnie , Bigkc
13  (19%)
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ejrbrndps ejrbrndps
all the above and more.....its hard to pick one
Entropy Entropy
We have dinner out maybe three times a year. We see maybe five movies a year in theaters. We barely get to see each other, so when we do, we just like to stay home, relax, and spend some time together.
Raigne Raigne
We both like anime, so we'll pick a weird one out and watch it together.
underHim underHim
I am a stay at home person. I find it most relaxing at home and love to cook a dinner for him then order a dinner in.
Ansley Ansley
It really depends on my mood, to be honest. Sometimes I'm all about going out but 99% of the time I just want to stay home. The crazy people I'll come in contact with, I already know how to handle. (me and the hubby)
Annemarie Annemarie
I don't live with my significant other (yet) but I can already answer this one. All of the above and more. I'm a fickle person, and wouldn't want to do the same thing week after week. I certainly wouldn't want to stay at home, though, since I'm probably going to be a housewife/stay at home mom. The point is to get out of the house.
MissCandyland MissCandyland
I like to go to a dinner and a movie. I's cliche. But I like it.
Badass Badass
my favorite dates have been our trip to the museum and on a separate occasion a trip to the zoo.
Terri69 Terri69
I love to stay home and chill in front of the tv!
I love staying and home and just hanging out, but I think to classify it as a "date night" you have to do something other than that, so I picked going out to a restaurant.
Hallmar82 Hallmar82
10 years ago when my wife and I were dating, we'd go see a movie all the time. Now, we hardly ever go to movies. Instead, we usually stay home and play video games. I don't like spending $20 to see a movie and be disappointed. I'd rather watch an old movie on Netflix.
puppylove puppylove
I picked go to a resturant but I like all of them for date night ideas.
gsfanatic gsfanatic
Depends on the season, since both my girlfriend and I tend to like outdoors activities like hikes or walks. When the weather is bad, we either stay in and I cook or we go out to dinner.
BlooJay BlooJay
I like to sit back, drink a beer, and enjoy a nice steak.
VelvetDragon VelvetDragon
I love lots of things... in fact, all the things on that list are great fun, and I do them frequently as dates with my partners. My favorite is to do something outdoorsy though -- hiking or going to the park for example.

My VERY favorite is to do multiple things -- watch a movie and eat out, go on a hike then go to a tea house, etc.

And I love just staying home and cuddling or watching a movie, or having taco night with my partners. XD Taco night rocks.
Stagger13 Stagger13
Originally posted by bayosgirl
What's your favorite thing to do on a date night? Besides have sex.
We do lots of different things..Movie is the easiest.
married with children married with children
anything that does not involve the kids.
sexystuffeve sexystuffeve
Originally posted by bayosgirl
What's your favorite thing to do on a date night? Besides have sex.
I don't think "stay at home and chill" is a date, but I do love to do that... but that in mind, I chose "Have dinner at a restaurant"
plaidvulva plaidvulva
I really like going to movies. But, I also really like going out to dinner :3
CollegeFun2014 CollegeFun2014
It was between dinner and a movie. I chose dinner because you can't really talk at a movie
pixxie87 pixxie87
a walk at the park
AliMc AliMc
Hard to choose! If I feel like going out then it would probably be to get something to eat and go see a movie. Most of the time though I'm more than happy to just stay home and cuddle in front of the TV or play a video game or something.
SouthernBelle SouthernBelle
While I love going out to eat and to the movies or a concert, we tend to have the best dates when we stay home, cook together, and watch a DVD or play a board game.
(k)InkyIvy (k)InkyIvy
We'll occasionally go out to see a movie or eat at a restaurant. But most of our "date nights", we just get food from someplace and eat it while snuggled up on the couch, watching our favorite tv shows or movies on my computer.
indiglo indiglo
We do all kinds of different things. Some of my favorite date night activities that we do are watching steamy movies on Netflix, and playing strip board games.
sexxxkitten sexxxkitten
I like to go to a restaurant or rent a movie.
Adriana Ravenlust Adriana Ravenlust
All of the above + more
unfulfilled unfulfilled
We don't go on dates very often so if we go its to lunch or matinee movie.
Mwar Mwar
I like to go on walks or go somewhere we don't normally go.
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