Did you do an wedding announcement?

Modern^Spank^Anthem Modern^Spank^Anthem
When you got married did you have a wedding announcement
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2  (17%)
8  (67%)
not married
2  (17%)
Total votes: 12
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js250 js250
I did not feel that it was worth the cost for us to have one published. Every one that was important to us knew about the wedding.
switzerland switzerland
not married butttt when my brother and his now wife got engaged, HER parents did put one in the paper. it never even phased my rents.

i kinda don't see a point
Jul!a Jul!a
I never had one. Everybody who needed to know we were getting married knew and didn't need a newspaper to tell them, lol.
Chilipepper Chilipepper
Grew up hearing too many stories of folks' homes getting broken into because the announcement usually said when the wedding and honeymoon were, so it was an invitation for strangers to rob their houses while they were gone.

So, I never did when I first got married. I still won't do it if I should get married again. Not that I have anything worth stealing, but I'd hate to clean up a ransacked house.
A.Mari A.Mari
Nope, I did not have one.
darthkitt3n darthkitt3n
We didn't do an engagement announcement and I don't really care to do a wedding announcement either. I live in a very rural area, so everyone already knows when someone's getting married anyway.
unfulfilled unfulfilled
No we did not. We were engaged for 4 years so everyone that was important to us knew we were getting married so we didn't do an engagement announcement or wedding announcement.
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