does your partner notice PMS?

Modern^Spank^Anthem Modern^Spank^Anthem
It took my husband (then boyfriend) years to realize that I easily get more agitated and emotional around the time that I get my period.
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Do-Re-Mi Do-Re-Mi
My boyfriend helps me remember when to take my pill so he's knows that my last week of color pills I get really emotional. But it's not something hard to notice. I usually end up crying over almost anything on TV so he figured it out pretty quick.
Ghost Ghost
My husband notices physiological signs of menstruation and ovulation, rather than just crankiness. I'm cranky every day.
PDXlady PDXlady
well I complain about the pain so he notices that and I'm a bit more agitated for a day or two so he notices that.
Ilovelingerie Ilovelingerie
My boyfriend just notices that I am more horny... my period doesn't make me agitated and grumpy... it just makes me want in his pants.
oneeyedoctopus oneeyedoctopus
It's a mystery to him. But my symptoms are not very dramatic. The only thing I usually notice is that my sex drive drops like a rock right before my period.
MissCandyland MissCandyland
I'm usually just more tired.
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