favorite lubricants?

neon neon
do you have a favorite lube? maybe something a little unorthodox?
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MaryExy MaryExy
Ride h20 has not failed me yet. Mainly I like it because of the whole paraben/glycerin-free thing, and it's good for anal. Really hard to find those both for a water-based, and I'm sensitive so I don't want to take any chances.
Remigirl Remigirl
I love the Sensuous Beauty "Love Balm" in Lavender Bergamont. It isn't like normal lube since it is usually in solid form (if its cold) it makes it a bit difficult to use. But I don't mind since its all natural and organic. Also the Lavender Bergamont is good for people who get UTI's a lot. I get them every once in awhile and so far I haven't had one since using it.
That Lavender Bergamot Love Balms sounds really nice. I tried the Tangerine one some years ago, and it smelled wonderful and wasn't offensive taste-wise either. The only problem was that we got it in the winter and didn't realize that it would turn to liquid when the weather turned warm. I ended up spilling half the jar on my BF! (As it makes a great lotion/massage oil as well, we just rubbed it in and all was fine, and we did get a good laugh out of it...but still...glad they put that warning on top of the jar now!)

Since we now have silicone toys, we tend to stay away from the oil-based lubes at this point. I also have reactions to products with glycerin in them, so we did a little searching to find something that we would both like (smell, taste and lube-wise) and finally landed on Sliquid products. We've had good luck with their H20 and their Organics Gel so far. I'm curious to try their Sliquid Sea next time.
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