Solving fights in an LDR

nova2014 nova2014
How do you solve fights in a long distance relationship? Personally I like fixing fights in person so being in a long distance is kind of hard when we fight.
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lilacviolet lilacviolet
Talk about it with each other.
Geography Geography
I am in a LDR and we don't fight too often. But when we do fight we write letters (well...emails) to each other.
It actually is a really effective way to sort through our own thoughts and emotions and to take the time to say what we actually want to say without saying anything rash. After we write it down we then skype about it to clarify anything that may not have sounded right in written form.
It sounds like a lot of work, but it works so well. In my experience in an LDR things can blow up so much more quickly than in a regular relationship. So working through your own emotions before you have a blow out or say anything crazy helps protect each other and your relationship.
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