How do you tell a new partner/interest about Eden?

MrWill MrWill
Or do you? I've been talking with a new woman and was just curious how everyone else brings it up? lol
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Ansley Ansley
Honestly? I would concentrate on the non-product side when first bringing it up. "There's this forum I hang out on with really cool people and they have contests and stuff..."

Just make it a natural point of conversation (probably best after you've been intimate with each other to some degree). When you answer the follow-up questions you can slide something in there about the products we carry.

I personally prefer the direct approach but if you're unsure of how to proceed that's how I would do it. (If someone asked me, I'd just be like "yeah it's an adult toy site with cool social stuffs, what about it?")
Voir Voir
About the same way I'd go about informing a partner I want to use sex toys in sex - Hey I use sex toys to spiff stuff up and this is the place I buy them from. The end... Don't see why it has to be complicated - if they can't handle that then they aren't for me -shrug-
Chilipepper Chilipepper
Depends on how open-minded they are to begin with. If they're comfortable with sexuality, admitting your use of toys won't faze them when you both get around to the sex conversation. The open-mindedness can also be used to gauge her acceptance of you when/if you mention being part of a "sex positivity and information forum".
cowgirl1130 cowgirl1130
Originally posted by MrWill
Or do you? I've been talking with a new woman and was just curious how everyone else brings it up? lol
i just pulled it up and started talking about all the ppl and cool stuff on the website
gsfanatic gsfanatic
I brought it up when she asked about the sex toys, and kept it up as a "since you know where I get things, see anything you like?"
*Camoprincess* *Camoprincess*
It really hasn't been an issue bringing it up with the 3 people I have been with since coming across Eden. My husband knew when we were together since I started reviewing on my blog, I knew nothing about the community or how it really worked at that point since all my stuff was done specifically on my blog. My ex boyfriend and my current partner it was easily brought up when I was asked what I was doing in conversation an I simply stated looking at lingerie or something of that nature. I am very open an don't care who knows that I use toys An so far aside from my ex husband an my ex boyfriend my partner now loves it. The exes weren't to fond of the idea that I used toys all the time.
BrittaniMaree BrittaniMaree
Almost daily I love eden
tortilla tortilla
just tell them about it - maybe they never heard of eden and would be very interested
novanilla novanilla
I don't focus on the online part of it at all since some people are weirded out by forums and things like that. In fact, a new person doesn't even need to know where you get your sex toys until you buy them together. I would just show them what I already have, and if I kept getting a lot of orders (which I do) then I would slowly tell them details about Eden, like that there's a website I use that gives incentives and makes it easier to buy things, then slowly about how I also write reviews for the things I buy, and so forth. That's how I introduced it to my current partner.
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