If you are the one who wakes up first, do you ever just watch your S.O. sleeping?

Bignuf Bignuf
I have friends who say they do that. They find it romantic. If I am awake, and he is sleeping, I either wake him up in some nice way...kisses, caresses or other, or I try and go back to sleep a bit myself. I must admit, I don't watch him sleeping. (I do watch the dogs sometimes, if they are dreaming...but that's another story).

SO..are you a "watcher"? Why?
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- Kira - - Kira -
No. I've woken up to people doing that and found it downright creepy. I wouldn't do it to someone else. I either wake up and start my day or go back to sleep.
unfulfilled unfulfilled
I'm always up first and I never do this. I just climb out of bed, grab the clothes I left by the bed, and quietly leave the room.
I will watch my boyfriend, but not for an hour or anything I'll usually just watch him for a few minutes and then either try to go back to sleep or wake him up with kisses or cuddles.
I'm not sure if he watches me sleep, but he will pull me to him and I'll wake up a bit and fall back asleep on his chest.
Sera26 Sera26
yes and I've had people do it to me
freud13 freud13
No. I wake up and go straight to the kitchen to make coffee lol
gsfanatic gsfanatic
Yep, it's a nice peaceful way for me to slowly fully wake up
hem hem
Originally posted by gsfanatic
Yep, it's a nice peaceful way for me to slowly fully wake up
Agreed! It's nice to just watch and admire. Sometimes just laying there for a while will make me fall back asleep, so we can wake up together.
Ouroborean Ouroborean
I... never wake up first. XD
nova2014 nova2014
yea I rarely wake up first but when I do, I either try to go back to bed or try to do something else like read or something
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