Loneliness in a LDR

nova2014 nova2014
When do you feel loneliest in an LDR
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1  (2%)
19  (46%)
All day
19  (46%)
2  (5%)
Total votes: 41
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Chilipepper Chilipepper
I had done LDR (different countries) with only one weekend together ... it was difficult, and it never felt like I really got to know him (he was also extremely private, so getting anything out of him was like pulling teeth). The loneliness was always there, but spiked during different times of the month (lovely things, hormones). We had to end it because of the distance, finances, and his health.
gsfanatic gsfanatic
It hits me at varied times during the day, things just hit me and make me miss having my girlfriend around
Qozt Qozt
I'm in an LDR and usually I get lonely at random times throughout the day. It sucks, but skype and stuff like that helps. I'm seeing him in three weeks though, so I'm really excited!
karenm karenm
I was in a LDR for years and I felt lonely all the time, but loneliest at night by myself.
Pete's Princess Pete's Princess
I do not miss him as much during the day because I am busy with my job and other things. Nights are when we would spend time together. So the having time to think and not having the routine of spending time together causes me to be more lonely at night.
KinkyKatieJames KinkyKatieJames
During my LDR, I used to feel loneliest at night. During the day I was so busy with college that I didn't even have time to think. It was when I got home that it really would hit me.
sillylilkitten sillylilkitten
All the time. I've never been too busy to remember how much I miss him, and I don't really hang out with anybody where I live.
surreptitious surreptitious
Originally posted by nova2014
When do you feel loneliest in an LDR
Most of the time, it's during the evening, when I'm turning in for the evening, but it happens throughout the day as well.
Clock Chime Clock Chime
Night time is most intense, but throughout the day.
lauraxxarual lauraxxarual
Mostly at night when I'm waiting for her to get off work so we can talk. And when it's time to sleep and she's not there
bog bog
Originally posted by nova2014
When do you feel loneliest in an LDR
I'm the oddball, here. I like sleeping alone pretty often, even when living with a partner, or just having quiet alone time at night.

The late afternoons and early evenings are the worst for me. I miss bouncing dinner ideas off someone, going on a walk together, talking about my day, being social, cuddling, and "honey-I'm-home sex" as soon as they walk in the door.
Stagger13 Stagger13
Originally posted by nova2014
When do you feel loneliest in an LDR
Night is the worst.
Badass Badass
LDR'S are lonely all day, but the worst is by far at night time...
ichigostrawberry ichigostrawberry
Night. Sadly I am also a night owl which doesnt make it any better.
peppermintgal peppermintgal
Definitely night. Miss having him in bed of course. But also miss him at odd times during the day when something happens or I see something he would like. Technology helps for sure. Cell phones, texts and Skype make a huge difference.
edeneve edeneve
this is a hard one to offer only 1 answer. both mornings when I wake up & when I go to bed have been the most difficult times.
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