Make up Sex OR Break up sex?

IslandGoddess IslandGoddess
Does that make sense? Would you prefer sex After you break up just get back together? or Sex when your not together..And you just have sex just to have sex?..I dont know if somebody could explain this better than me...I know what I want to say just dont know how to put it.
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Make up Sex
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Break up sex
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mcl272 mcl272
make up! i would never have sex with somebody i just broke up with! i mean you broke up for a reason! no worries for me there tho.
Beck Beck
Make up sex is awesome! I have never done break up sex. I am not sure I would. I think I would have sex with someone one last time before I broke it off. Not after unless maybe it would be a one night stand months later.
PussyPurr PussyPurr
The problem with me and my ex is that break-up sex ends up being make-up sex....sigh.
mandiegk mandiegk
Break-up sex just seems like a bad idea, especially if one party did not want to end the relationship. It could get very messy.
jr2012 jr2012
Break up sex really just screws with your mind. Makeup sex can be hot!
gsfanatic gsfanatic
Make up, break up sex is way too stressful
mjtheprincess mjtheprincess
Break up stress runs wayyyy to many emotions in about 99.9% of my personal experiences, so I avoid it at all costs! Make up sex, especially when I am being the one made up to, is FREAKING FANTASTIC!
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