natural juices!

mandaj mandaj
so my husband loves it when i...let my natural juices go lol, but im just now warming up to lettin him cum on me, we been together almost 7 yr so i mean we are comfortable w/ each other. but he finds itg soooo get embarrassed a lil by it. i ask him hy he finds it hot but he just tells me he likes it? i always wonder y?!
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butterflygirlxo butterflygirlxo
My boyfriends wants me to do that as well but I;m embarrassed maybe we can find a way and do it lol. I dont know lol
jedent jedent
dude, he's giving you encouragement. no need to be embarrassed. if he was saying it was gross then i could see it, but he's giving you permission to do something he finds way sexy!
mastersonv mastersonv
My man enjoys it because it shows him that he's doing something right. On the flip side of that if I'm not able to get them flowing he understands that sometimes it's not possible. It's a major ego boost whenever a guy can get a girl extremely wet! You also shouldn't be embarrassed as it happens to every woman and is completely natural so let them flow make him happy, relax and enjoy your self!
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