How many partners do you feel is "too many"?

heather-mooney heather-mooney
Do you have a personal limit for yourself?
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thisisadeletedaccount thisisadeletedaccount
Two is the most I've ever had, I really enjoy being in a triad, but I don't have a strict upper limit. I doubt I could handle many more than this because I get really emotionally invested in relationships and put so much time into each partner.
nova2014 nova2014
If you mean at one time I can only have 1 SO at a time but if you mean in a lifetime I think more than 10 is too much
Genderfree Genderfree
Who cares? If you enjoy it, and feel happy about yourself as a person, and you're protected, how much IS too much? As long as if you have a partner you're honest, it should not be a problem. Honesty with yourself and your partner is the most important!
edeneve edeneve
just dating, as many as I can handle - currently it's 2 & working out fine. if it's a SO, just 1 since I believe monogamy is important to trust.
Simultaneously? I have trouble keeping one lady happy, can't imagine doing well with more then one. Could be fun to try though.
Lifetime? Over 1000 is pretty slutty.
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