Ph.D. Programs

Hi everyone,

I'm currently finishing my 2nd year of a chemistry Ph.D. program and have had a girlfriend through this whole experience. The nice thing about it is that she is also a chemistry Ph.D. student and works in a different lab than I do. However, Ph.D. programs are very tasking and challenging, leaving us with little time to truly hang out with each other.

I am wondering if any of you are currently in a Ph.D. program with a significant other and how you make it work. If did is not working or didn't work, do you know the reasons?
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Hallmar82 Hallmar82
Yes, I went through a biology PhD program. It was very tasking, I was shooting for finishing in 4 years...ended up finishing in 5 and a half years. My wife was working 3rd shift during that time. So, she was usually asleep when I was at work. We only had maybe an hour together in the morning and 3-4 hours together in the evening until I finished defending my dissertation. Being together was really a help at times and worked against us at times. She wanted to spend more time together but I couldn't. I'm sure that will be the same between the two of you as well. Try to set aside time in between experiments to be together - even if you're just reading papers together. Be open and honest about what time you do or do not have in the week and plan ahead. Good luck!
gsfanatic gsfanatic
I've gone through it for a few years, and it was a challenge to find time. We ended up doing mundane things together a lot, like eating or grocery shopping. That said, her support meant a lot and kept me going, so it was worth it.
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