Reason why I love my girlfriend - number 582

Entropy Entropy
We always open our sex toy packages together. It's a cool ritual that we have. So she spent the night yesterday, and we opened a package that contained the Pure Wand and the Cupid Kiss. She knew that I had been wanting and lusting the wand for almost two years, but she was just exhausted. She fell asleep and was softly snoring within a few minutes of opening the package. Later I couldn't help but to try out my long-awaited toy, and went into the living room to lube up and slip it in my bum. She woke up, and walked in as I was just about to find my P spot with this steely goodness while I was spread-eagle on the couch. She puts her hand on her hip and says "Hey, I wanted to use this on you", then takes the wand into her hand, and went to town on me whilst jacking me off. It was magnificent. A pure wand in the hands of a pure woman. I think I'll marry her.
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Ansley Ansley
All it takes is an orgasm? Damn! If only I'd known that so many years ago...hahaha

It's great that she took the lead. Sounds like a woman who cares!
underHim underHim
That was awesome of her!
Antipova Antipova
Awwww! Give her an extra kiss from all of us at EF!
Dawn (Lilac Distraction) Dawn (Lilac Distraction)
So jealous. I can't even find a guy who's really even interested in toys, much less wants to use them. She's lucky!

Caus Caus
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